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<h1> Earn Money Online Daily With Tdaviscole  reveals 17 epic online strategies to get more traffic to your online opportunity, website or blog, to help you earn money online.<h1> These often over looked methods can drive massive traffic to your internet venture, and help you stand out from the crowd.
Online survivor
As more entrepreneurs migrate to internet marketing as a means of earning a full-time income, the need to explore more ways to get traffic to your online opportunity will continue to rise. It’s no secret that today’s internet marketers need to position themselves as experts by mastering their marketing skills and finding new ways to extend their global reach.

This Report Has Phenomenal Value!

“This is the best traffic report to surface this year! These 17 epic strategies are sure to drive more targeted leads and tons of online traffic to your website or blog. This is no ordinary report! Click on each of the 17 online traffic strategies to access a full in-depth report that extends beyond the brief summary here; also, get immediate access to the audio recorded version of each lead generation technique for an even further explanation.

I have never accessed anything this valuable online for FREE in my entire marketing career! If you don’t read and share this insane online traffic getting report, then you’re missing the dynamic value that you have access to. This is thousands of dollars worth of information! I’m stoked that this traffic report is online for free


  •     That you take this report seriously & read the whole thing! Tons of internet marketers are looking for the secret to online success. I reveal the TRUTH ABOUT THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW in this report, but if you don’t read it, well, you may continue to get screwed by this industry without even knowing it.
  •     That you implement the techniques into your online business & share this report with someone else. Pay it forward and pass this information along to others for their success. ( you can share it in social media, embed the PDF onto your website, or blog, you can refer others to this report to help them get the traffic they need in their online business)
  •    That you actually try the techniques, a major reason for the 90% failure rate among online entrepreneur's is execution. Too many people are consuming a ton of information, but never applying what they learn. Don't get stuffed with too much information; put it use. Drive mad traffic to your online offers. You can even promote my Total Game Change coaching program for commissions up to $398.00 per sale. 

How You Can Get The Most Out Of This Report!

In order to get the most out of this report, be sure to read each subject carefully, and click on the topic links to view the full report about that particular subject. 
Also, be sure to listen to each audio that’s included in each individual full report. 
Once you have discovered a new technique and know “how to get more traffic to your online opportunity, blog, or website,” be sure to Execute that new idea into your online venture right away before proceeding to the next section. .
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After implementing the method into your online business, then train  that one method to someone else; you are insuring that you have a deep understanding of the subject matter. Don’t fret over teaching someone else, because it’s simple. You can make a video about the content or conduct further research to write your own blog post about it. “Of course,” do not copy my exact words, but find your own voice on the topic.
(No part of this report may be copy pasted due to content duplication penalties that search engines now have.)

<h2>When you Discover something about an internet marketing topic, then execute that new strategy into your business, and train others on what you have discovered and executed, you position yourself as an expert.  You gain tons of exposure and notoriety, which in return, drives tons of targeted traffic to your online opportunity, website, or blog increasing your chances of making money online.<h2>   

This method of marketing is called the D.E.T.R. method. It simply means to discover, execute, train, and repeat.  <h3>Tons of online entrepreneurs or wondering, how to drive massive traffic to their websites or blogs, and they want to know how to make money online fast.<h3>

The search for internet riches leads many internet marketers on the wrong path of over consumption of content. They are hungry for more content without first digesting what they have already received. Online gurus take advantage of this obsession, and charge hand over fist for little snippets of information  that still can’t produce results without D.E.T.R.
>>You Don't Have to Break The Bank To Get Started

Online entrepreneurs become overwhelmed and stuffed with too much information. They have no idea how utilize the knowledge that they’ve purchased.  For many, making money online becomes a repetitive cycle of learning too much and earning too little.
The truth is that making money online takes hard work and dedication.  The fastest way to make money online is to either pay your way to the top through setting up ads and campaigns and paying large traffic agencies thousands of dollars to drive traffic to those ads and campaigns, or to discover, execute, and train your way to the top.


I want to take the time to say that I am sorry for your pain, confusing, and wasted time on opportunities and strategies that will never make you a dime on the internet. I am sorry if someone told you that this journey was easy and that you could get results overnight.

I’ve even made that dreadful mistake of releasing information about making money online quick, when I in fact had over a year of internet marketing experience before I actually made the kind of money I was advertising. When I realized that the average person wouldn’t be able to produce the same results, without the same experience, I removed that content from my blog. It was an honest oversight. . .
>>Collapse time frames & leverage the internet for profits
Typical online entrepreneurs aren’t out to mislead you; they are simply marketing the way that they’ve been taught to market. They really believe that their methods of joining an online opportunity and posting links everywhere on the internet will work. 

I think all of us at some point in our online careers thought that this was the way to online wealth. Lots of big network marketing firms know that 90+% of sign-ups will fail, so they train them to put out tons of buzz about their new opportunity while they are new and excited about the idea of getting rich from home.

However, when those people fail, the blog posts, and the entire buzz they’ve generated about these companies remain in the search engines as free advertisements and back links to their establishments.  If they succeed great! If not, it’s still a Win, Win for the company owners who will now make 100% profit off the hard work of affiliates who failed at the opportunity.

If you missed what I said before, being excited about various opportunities and posting links everywhere on the web, will not get you rich from home. So I am apologizing for any messages that you may have received that promised you such things.


I know that it’s devastating to finally discover that you’ve been wasting your time focusing on the wrong things, and now it seems that your dreams of earning a full-time income from home is yet, again on hold.

I want to apologize to you for the industry as a whole, and I would ask that you find a way to forgive those that you feel have miss-led you. I’m asking a lot, but I dare to ask you to believe that you can still do this thing. Believe that you can still make money online!


However, before I go any further, I want to make sure that you understand something; no one else is ever going to be responsible for your success. I don’t care how much they promise you, and how much you pay them; you are the only one that can make your dreams come true.  You have to rise up, and determine what you really want from your online business. You have to check out your why, again, and see if it’s worth fighting for.
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If it is worth fighting for, you need to get back in this battle of building your own business.  Yes, you will have to learn a little more than you anticipated, and yes, you will have to work your butt off, and yes you will have to spend some of your hard earned money to learn from those who are giving you the right information, so that you can collapse some time frames, and cut years off of your learning curve.
However, when you understand why you are spending your money, you are no longer gripped by the hype of fast and easy success. 


You understand that you are buying information to learn what you need to learn to get your business where you need to get it.  You will develop the strength to stop purchasing information that you don’t need, or you will pace yourself, and get some information, implement it, get results, and then get more information.

When you take full-responsibility for your success, you will never write another negative review about what some leader failed to do, but you will become your own leader, and find the tools that you need to succeed in your own business.

You will find your own voice, and no one will be able to pressure you to do anything that you don’t want to do. You will know who you are; where you are going, why you are going, and you will understand and commit to the work necessary to get there.

If you don’t find that power, “that entrepreneur,” God given power, then I cannot help you. You will read this report like it’s some other document on the internet, and then, you will go have chicken with your family, and continue to fail online.

You will fall prey to every online guru who charges you whatever they want to charge you, only to give you more information that again, you aren’t going to put to use. You will find yourself shifting from one opportunity to the next rather than becoming your own opportunity.

 Let’s not negate that information products are meant to empower you, and help you succeed at your aspirations. However, if you can’t find your own voice, you will be used to promote the voices of big time gurus, until you fail, and they receive all the credit for your work. “Is that really their fault”?


In this report, that you are viewing, you have access to 1 of 4 major pillars to massive online success. Sadly, many will not read the whole document because it’s too much work, so they will continue to be screwed by the industry who claims they will do the work for them.

I FORGOT THE GOOD NEWS  (The Good News is you get the Truth, and 1 of 4 Major Pillars to Online Success)

Traffic Generation is literally the heart beat of any online venture; without it, you will not make a dime on the internet. Many online opportunists will try to convince you that if you join their network marketing company, you will make tons of money. However, if you do not understand traffic generation and capture mastery, you will find yourself stuck with tons of products, brochures, and information, but no success.

I was blessed enough to run across mentors who literally  explained the power of traffic generation, and because I had tried other work from home opportunities before, I was able to clearly see why I failed at them, and why so many others fail at various online opportunities today.

Even with my new found knowledge, I still struggled with the idea that I had to un-learn everything I knew about making money on the internet, and actual learn what really creates note worthy online success. <<CLICK HERE TO LEARN TOO>>


It took me weeks to wrap my brain around the work ahead. I understood that I could no longer tell people to join my online opportunity and they would make money FAST. I felt the weight of responsibility to ensure that people understood the commitment they were making before getting involved with my internet marketing opportunity. I discovered that freedom “aint” free!  I learned that true internet marketing mastery would take time, dedication, and real work. 

Then I made the insane decision to pull back from promoting any opportunity that would cost others tons of upfront cash. I needed to help them to understand the basics of internet marketing before they would achieve real success from other advanced techniques.

No, I am not in the business of giving away master leveled information that, I agree, people should pay for, but I wanted people to leverage enough information that would help them get moving in the right direction. Once they were headed in the right direction and understood the commitment of entrepreneurship, I knew that they would be in a better position to determine if they wanted to make further investments. Could they really work independently, and grow as an online entrepreneur?

I decided that I would not take huge amounts of upfront money from uncommitted people who can’t do simple things like read & share this full report according to the directions, implement the strategies, teach the strategies to others, and commit to a very small investment to jump start their own success.

I understood that if people hesitated at small task, then they wouldn’t succeed at larger task, and I would be setting them up for failure.


  •    Read This report
  •       Share This Report
  •      Implement the Strategies into Your Online Business

  Reading the report according to the directions will help you avoid being overwhelmed with too much information at once. Instead you learn how to access it in bit sized chunks for better consumption.

When you share this report, you are doing exactly what you will be asking others to do in epic online traffic strategy number one: Create a viral report on whatever topic you choose, and ask others to share. If you do not share the report, then chances are, you will attract people like yourself who will consume your report, but not share it either.

Implement these strategies into your business so that you can get results. Reading about traffic getting strategies for your online business will not get you any results or make you any money online, but it’s the implementation of the knowledge that will help you thrive and succeed on the internet.

Teaching these lethal strategies to others will help reintegrate your understanding of the material, because you don’t truly know something until you can explain it to others, and you will also become more confident in your understanding.  Discovering, executing, and training one new strategy per day, will help you position yourself as an expert and naturally attract more people into your business venture. 

Invest In Your Success:

As online entrepreneurs we are in the business of FREE ENTERPRISE or the exchange of value, so it’s important that you naturally develop the tendency to invest your resources into places where you receive value.

When you invest, in your own success, you are naturally supporting Free enterprise or the exchange of value and that will naturally come back to you.


I know I could have put a hefty price tag on this inane material of 1 epic report with 17 outlined internet traffic strategies and 17 full in-depth online traffic reports, with additional related resources on each full-report along with 18 embedded audios; literally 53 pieces of content and over 150 pages of how to drive more traffic to your online business, website, or blog.

Yet, for all of this easy to read content, in one place with clear instructions on how to use it for massive results, I only ask that you practice free enterprise. If you like the content and find it helpful to you, then make a small investment, so that I can truly help you make money online.  Again, you're likely to attract people like yourself to your online offers.


If you know that you are providing tons of value to those who read your articles, I highly recommend that you ask readers to engage in free enterprise by asking that they invest in their success.

You deserve to be compensated for your hard work, research, and dedication. If the focus of internet marketing would change from getting rich quick to serving people who are willing to exchange value, there might be less failure in this industry. I'll show you how to refer services for profits and how you can create low to high-end digital products that you can sale on the internet for 100% profits to your very own merchant account. 



Table of Contents

Amazing Ways TO Generate Traffic Into Your Online Business

How To Get The Most Out Of This Report

Here’s Why I Apologize For Everything

Here is Some Good News

How You Know When You Are Ready To Succeed In Business

Why You Should Read This Entire Report & Follow The Directions

The Directions For This Report

Share This Viral Report

Engage In Free Enterprise

Here’s A Tip For You

About The Author

17 Epic Traffic Strategies

Create A Viral Report

Forum Marketing

Guest Blogging

Stumble Upon

Yahoo Answers

Welcome Gate Cookie

Slide Share

Submit a Free eBook

Create Forums

Start a Podcast

Launch a Press Release

Submit Your Blog/Website to the Major Search Engines

Use Lethal SEO Strategies

Place Ads on Craigslist
Attend Popular Webinars
Host Free Live Events
Offline Strategies

1 CREATE A VIRAL REPORT! A viral report is a document created by you for the people in your target market that can be read and shared.  Your viral report should be free, helpful, and something your target market wants to know more about! Read this full report now, to discover how to create a viral report for your online business.

Viral Report Traffic Strategy (1)

2 FORUM MARKETING! Join various groups and forums in which you will write real engaging post and responses that link back to your blog or website. Be sure to add helpful and relevant information leaving only one link back to your online venture in your signature.
Be sure to double check the rules of each forum ensuring that affiliate links are permitted. Read this full report now for more details on how to use forum marketing for leads and online traffic generation.

Viral Report Traffic Strategy (2)

3. GUEST BLOGGING! Guest Blogging is a little bit different than article submissions.  To initiate guest blogging, you would contact various owners of niche websites that are related to your area of expertise, and offer them 100% original content articles in exchange for a link back your blog or website.
Seek Webmasters who have top ranking websites in your particular niche, and submit the highest quality content possible to improve your chances of syndication. This has amazing SEO benefits, and builds your page authority. Read this full report now for (step-by-Step) guest blogging process to increase visitors to your website or blog.  

Viral Report Traffic Strategy 3

4 STUMBLE UPON! People, who use Stumble Upon to discover your website, usually become repeat visitors who are interested in the material that you have to offer. Simply set up an account with Stumble Upon, then rate the blogs, websites, and content of others to gain access to Stumble Upon’s organic traffic source. Others will then rate your submitted materials, and visit your content links. Read this full report now to unveil the massive organic internet traffic benefits of Stumble Upon.

Viral Report Traffic Strategy 4

5. YAHOO ANSWERS! Yahoo Answers is a website where users can post questions on just about any subject, while other registered users can reply to those questions with their best answers possible.  The question posers can highlight the answers that helped them the most. Users can earn points for providing great answers to others. 
Points get you followers that can lead to massive traffic back to your website or blog when you add your business link in the signature of each reply. Read this full report now for immediate access to how Yahoo Answers can get you tons of online traffic.  

Viral Report Traffic Strategy 5

6. WELCOME GATE COOKIE! A Welcome Gate Cookie is simply a redirect from your website or blog’s home page to a squeeze page. It gives first time visitors the option of subscribing to your news letter to connect with you. However, it allows the visitor to skip the subscription process, and proceed to the website. It’s capture mastery at its best and can increase your opt-in rate by 40+%!  Increase your online traffic opt-in rate by reading the full report here!

Viral Report Traffic Strategy 6

7. SLIDE SHARE! Slide Share is a hosting website that allows you to upload your power point presentations. Slide share users can view those presentations and like, follow, or share your epic information.  To become a slide share member, create a free account, and then upload your PowerPoint, PDF, Key note or Open Document presentations. Label your presentations according to the content matter, and share it with the world. 
The more views, shares, and followers you get, the higher your content ranks for more back links to your primary offer, website, or blog. Read the full report now to learn more about how Slide Share can get you more online traffic.

Viral Report Traffic Strategy 7

8. SUBMIT A FREE EBOOK! A free eBook is a great way to back link tons of organic traffic to your website or blog. A free eBook, guide, or journal of some sort is easy to create and will pay for itself time and time again.  Your free eBook could be downloaded multiple times and be shared among multiple social media websites which can lead to even more online visitors.  Your eBook should provide valuable information that your target audience is interested in. 
It should include back links to your online venture. Don’t forget to ask your readers to share your FREE eBook on their social media platforms! Read this full report now, and discover how to create a quick and easy free eBook. Also, discover the best places to submit your eBook for maximal exposure and more free traffic internet traffic for your website or blog.

Viral Report Traffic Strategy 8

9. CREATE FORUMS! Creating forums or online communities is a great way to build relationships and generate tons of traffic. When you build niche related groups, you provide a safe virtual environment for those with similar interest to communicate, and invite others to join in various discussions.
Before creating a forum or online community it’s important for you to understand your primary focus for your group, and determine how you will maximize the traffic potential. Read this full report and learn how to create forums and gain more online leads for your website or blog.

Viral Report Traffic Strategy 9


10. START A PODCAST! PodCasts are digital media files, mainly video or audio, that you can create to get your message out in a series in which people, who are interested, can subscribe. Subscribers can download and share your podcasts gaining you notoriety and even more subscribers who download and share your content.
Creating a podcast can position you as an expert in your field thus attracting more of your target audience to your content in which you can direct back to your website or blog. You can also host your podcast on your domain, and give your visitors a reason to stick around longer, and provoke a desire to invite others too.  Read full report here, and get (step-by-step) guide to pod casting and its massive online traffic potential!

Viral Report Traffic Strategy 10

11. CREATE A PRESS RELEASE!    You can maximize your back link juice, and drive massive traffic to your website or blog with powerful SEO press release strategies. Press releases were the primary marketing tool used by marketing and public relations professionals to share important events. The primary sources of publications were television, radios, and print media.  Over time, many marketers migrated to the internet to publish their business news, but because there is so much news online, it can be hard to get your message read.  Yet, there is one way to get your news read above almost all other news related to your subject and that’s to write a keyword targeted and SEO heavy PRESS RELEASE!  
Read full report now and access a free how to write an online press release guide for epic back link juice and targeted online visitors.

Viral Report Traffic Strategy 11

12. SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSIONS! Having your articles discovered through being indexed by major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and MSN are great ways to generate tons of online traffic, and gain targeted leads into your online business.  Search engines provide the best sources of internet traffic because people are looking for your services and voluntarily click on your articles for more information.  Read full report now for immediate access to where and how to submit your websites and blogs to search engines for more internet traffic.

Viral Report Traffic Strategy 12

13. USE LETHAL SEO STRATEGIES! SEO literally means “search engine optimization,” or how your content is ranked on the internet based on how your website or blog appears in the search engines. Major search engine providers such as GOOGLE use software like Panda and Penguin to determine the virtual location of your website or blog in which your posted content is housed. The software determines your content’s keyword relevance, authenticity, and page authority as it relates to the primary aim of your online platform. Read full report now for the ultimate SEO training to get organic search engine traffic to your website or blog.

Viral Report Traffic Strategy 13

14. PLACE ADS ON CRAIGSLIST:  Craigslist, ranking number 10 in the United States, is one of the largest classified ads websites online today.  This gigantic monster of an advertisement center allows free basic ad placement globally.  There are multiple available categories to choose from for free ad submission, and it’s a pretty simple process too.  Read this full report now to discover how to place free ads on Craigslist to drive targeted traffic to your website or blog.

Viral Report Traffic Strategy 14


15. ATTEND POPULAR WEBINARS:  Webinars are simply, “seminars that are conducted over the internet.”  Up until a few years ago, people had to pay big bucks and travel long distances to a specified location for the attendance of a seminar. Today webinars have become a great way to generate large virtual crowds that want information about one particular topic.  Read this full report now, to discover how you can attend popular webinars for massive traffic back to your website or blog.

Viral Report Traffic Strategy 15

16. HOST FREE LIVE EVENTS! You can utilize online live events such as podcasting, webinars,   Google plus live stream, and other mechanisms to connect with their target audience and drive massive traffic to your online business, websites, and blogs. Read this full report now to learn how to conduct live events to drive targeted traffic to your website or blog. 

Viral Traffic Strategy 16

17. UTILIZE OFFLINE STRATEGIES! There are tons of people who still read news papers, magazines, sales ads, and other literature through physical consumption.  Some people haven’t made the complete shift to virtual media just like many people haven’t made the total shift to mobile media. Tons of people utilize paper media in some form or fashion.  Read this full report now for offline strategies that can send tons of visitors to your online business, website, or blog

Viral Traffic Strategy 17

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