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There Is No Perfect Time To Build Your Online Business

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<h1>So you're waiting for that perfect moment to start your online business. You're sitting in front of your camera turning it on and turning it off. The problem is that you haven't said anything yet. You're frozen by fear because everything isn't perfect. You don't like your background; your hair isn't styled right; you need to lose some weight, and worst of all you don't even believe that your services are worthy of closing the sale.<h1>
<h2>Now maybe, all or, some of those ideas represent your current state of mind. However, I'm here to tell you that there is no perfect time to build your internet business. There is no perfect time to crank up that camera and shoot your very first video so that you can "give people what they want, and sell them what they need." You have what it takes, just like the people you admire so much.<h2>
Think about it. . .How many videos have you watched where the…

4 Ways To Have A Successful Online Business

4 Things I Practice Each Day For [Optimal Performance] In Business & Life!
Pray Daily: tomorrow isn’t promised, so I look up, to God, for a purposed driven dayRead Daily: to get fresh ideas and to develop my life both personally & spirituallyDo Niche Training Daily: to master my trade & increase my value in the marketplaceTake Action Daily: to intentionally engage in the activities that will lead me to my goals
The Success Cycle
Honestly, I do as I preach. I call these 4 things that I practice each day: “The Success Cycle,” because they have to be repeated in order to experience & maintain results. This cycle wasn’t something I just tried for a week and quit, but it became a woven part of my being; a developed behavior had replaced a conscious effort. The Success Cycle holds in it, the philosophies that I live my life by.  It helped me to transform my mind from a single mom with little options, to a single mom who created her own options. Using the Success Cycle, I reali…