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How Do I Start A Blog Step 1

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If you're wondering how do I start a blog, here's the first step. The first step to starting a blog is developing a blog strategy. 
Contrary to popular belief, you need a blog strategy before the fancy stuff like creating a domain name and finding hosting. 
Your blog strategy will outline how you plan to provide value to your audience and profit from your blog. 
A good blog starts with a marketplace problem, a few outlines of post that pose a solution to the problem, and a great call to action. 

Is there a problem in the marketplace: What's keeping your audience up at night? Why are they banging their heads against the wall? What services have tried to address the problem but seem to miss it somewhere?
Are you the solution your audience has been looking for: How can your post be that bridge that brings them closer to their solution?  What can you offer your audience that will alleviate some of their pain? Will your post reassure them that you have…

How One Mom Got A Million Pinterest Views To Earn Money Online

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It took me a long time to discover the power of using Pinterest to grow my blog and earn money online. I kept hearing other bloggers talk about how Pinterest has helped them get more blog traffic and make money on the internet, but I wasn't sold until I discovered a mom who had reached a million views on one pin. I discovered that she had turned a lot of her Pinterest traffic into hot leads and customers for her online business. 
Finally, I decided to use Pinterest to grow my blog. I was blown away that a mother of twins could use Pinterest to drive nearly a million viewers to her blog on her spare time. Over the next few weeks, I will follow the tips that led that mom to one million Pinterest views.

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TIP 1: Tell  Pinterest what your Pin is about.  When you upload new pins to Pinterest, it has no idea what the pin is about. Pinterest is a visual search engine, so it's going to automatically categorize your pin b…