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Hey welcome to Earn Money Online Free Audio Books; I'm not the author of  these books, except for (Ultimate Success, Blogging Your Way To Success, and Drive Mad Internet Traffic) however, they are simply books that I've read and have greatly impacted my life. The reality is wealth begins in your mind. You have to develop your mind to create the new ideas necessary for a new life. Les Brown said, "your best thinking has gotten you exactly where you are today," meaning if you want to have a more successful life, you've got to reach beyond your current thinking process to delete old mental programs that's blocking your success. Remember, those "old" thoughts have landed you in a less than desirable place in life. So read, study, and transform  your mind so that you can transform your life! 

However, I encourage you to take this information as what it is: "human knowledge." I highly recommend that you do not make "human knowledge" your God. I recommend that you pray, and seek the Lord for your ultimate purpose and success in life. I've posted these books as a way to help you overcome, some, limiting beliefs and to expand your way of thinking, however, you've got to determine what  applies to you and what doesn't. 

I often listen to hours of  audios, and I may only take a few golden nuggets from them that I can, truly, apply to my life. Often times, I leave a few things on the table, especially if those things are in direct conflict with God's word. I don't know what you believe, but I want you to understand that every, single, word may not apply to you, but you've got to decide what philosophies to adopt for the em-betterment of your own life.  

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