How To Reach Your Goals In The Face Of Obstacles

The pathway to entrepreneurship can be quite exciting; the possibilities are endless, and the adrenalin rush of the unexpected is indescribable. The joy of exploring new territories each day, not really knowing who you’ll meet, or which amazing door your ingenuity will open is by far one of the most zealous ways to express life.  It is the greatest high one can experience to live life in such a way that creative freedom is not suppressed or dismissed.

However, entrepreneurship can carry with it the uncertainties that cause many to reach their lowest point of existence while scaring others into retreat. Yes, tons will waive their white flags of withdrawal from the insane opportunity to create their own reality to accept a reality that’s already been set.  

Entrepreneurship has a way of making the strong man recognize that he is weak; he will either develop the skills necessary to overcome that weakness or he will embrace his weakness by avoiding the hard work and dedication needed to rise to the occasion of his greatness.

>>Rise To The Occasion Of Greatness With. . .

<h1>If you want to learn how to reach your goals, you’ve got to pursue them even while you’re in the face of obstacles.<h1> You simply cannot allow your unfortunate circumstances to determine your destiny. <h2>You’ve got to get high on life during your journey of entrepreneurship and become encouraged about your hardships and failures. Honestly, it doesn't  matter whom you are or what your offer is failure is a major component of success.<h2>  

Here’s Quick Synopsis of a Story; I’m Sure You’ve Heard It Before

This synopsis clearly outlines the duality of a desire to reach a goal and the obstacles that stand in the way. In this story, the protagonist Dorothy has a problem: There has been a horrible tornado, and her home has been lifted up and moved to a city called Oz.  When she wakes up and discovers her situation, all she can think about is getting home. She then meets this good Witch of the North who informs her that if she truly wanted to get home, she needed to head to Emerald City, to speak to The Wizard Of Oz who can provide her with the wisdom necessary to return home. The good witch of the north also provides Dorothy with some tools that she’ll need to be successful during her trip. She provides Dorothy with some instructions, encouragement, and some Rudy Red Slippers that will protect her from harm.

Dorothy Adopts A Goal:

Her goal is to get to Emerald City; find The Wizard of Oz, and access the guidance she needs to get back home. At first, Dorothy is distraught, but she recalculates her reality and decides she’s up for the task. Her journey starts out cheerful, and she even meets a few friends along the way: a scarecrow, a tin man, and a lion. They are skipping joyfully with song and excitement as they head to see The Wizard of Oz, but things take a turn for the worse. <h3>While Dorothy is in pursuit of her goal, she is faced with a huge Obstacle.<h3>

Dorothy Stumbles Upon A Huge Obstacle:

She is held up by the wicked witch of the west who wants to stop her from reaching Emerald City and prohibit her from talking to The Wizard of Oz. The witch uses several tactics in an attempt to prevent Dorothy from reaching her goal.  

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Tactics The Wicked Witch Uses On The Protagonist To Block Her Success

 Causes trees to throw apples at her & her new friends
Tries to set her friend the scarecrow on fire
Congers up a field of poppies to cause Dorothy and her friends to fall into a deep sleep...a poppy plant is usually found in Asia and has powerful sedative properties as it’s been used in Morphine
Even after they make to Emerald City, the wicked witch writes, “surrender Dorothy” into the air
Sends winged monkeys to attack who snatch Dorothy and separate her from her friends (after she reaches Emerald City & seeks to get the wicked witches’ broomstick).

Dorothy Faces More Obstacle:
Dorothy finally reaches Emerald City; she finds the Wizard of Oz, but he refuses to see her until she can get access to the wicked witches broomstick.

After all the hell she endures during the process of reaching her goal; she is still given the run-around by the Great &  Powerful Wizard of Oz who is shortly revealed as nothing more than an old man who’s speaking into some bogus microphone who’d landed in Oz after his hot air balloon landed there.

Dorothy's Hope is Deflated Due To False Beliefs:
 The whole time she was hanging on to the false notion that her solution was in Emerald City when it, in fact, it was not.  The Wizard of Oz was not who she thought He was, and he’s been bamboozling the city the whole time. At this point, he is ready to dip before the entire city finds out the truth, but he disguises that fear by offering to take Dorothy home in his hot air balloon. However, Dorothy becomes distracted by her dog Toto, and the balloon takes too much height for her to catch it; she’s left in utter despair.

Dorothy's Real Power is Revealed: 
Dorothy is informed that she had the power the whole time to get home on her own. She did not need the affirmation of some false prophet to reach her goals. However, she had to travel that road to Emerald City to discover her true power and to develop the faith necessary to reach her ultimate destination.  If she had been told earlier that she, indeed, had that power, she wouldn’t have believed it, but because of her unfortunate experience, her failures, and her trials, she was able to discover her own strength.

I shared that story because entrepreneurship can be, sort of, like a trip to Emerald City. You can have a goal as to what you want to achieve, but later discover the problems associated with you accomplishing your goals. Typically your old mindset, behavior patterns, belief systems, and associates don’t want to let you go. 

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Your subconscious mind has already established who you are, and people who know you have already placed your entire existence into a category that makes sense to their minds. However, your whole desire to shift your life evolved because of some kind of problem or circumstances that you wanted to change.

Yet, in most cases, when you embark upon that change, you haven’t developed the confidence to reach for your goals of changing your life, so you latch on to the perceived power of others. It’s great to leverage the wisdom and guidance of other people who are succeeding at what you want to accomplish, as Les Brown said, “your best thinking has gotten you exactly where you are today,” meaning in order to change your life, you’ve got to reach past your current thought process which has gotten you exactly where you are today

However, when you make the perceived power of others your only hope for achieving your goals, you may find yourself disappointed, especially when you discover that you had the power to utilize what you’ve learned to cultivate your own success the entire time. 

Don't allow obstacles to deter you from reaching your goals. Your obstacles don't necessarily have to be some overwhelming circumstance that appears impossible to overcome, but can simply be a field of poppies: some comfortable situation that causes you to go to sleep and forget about your purpose. False comfort, can cause you to lose sight of your goals as well as harsh circumstances; don't let either push off of your path to success!

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