There Is No Perfect Time To Build Your Online Business

<h1>So you're waiting for that perfect moment to start your online business. You're sitting in front of your camera turning it on and turning it off. The problem is that you haven't said anything yet. You're frozen by fear because everything isn't perfect. You don't like your background; your hair isn't styled right; you need to lose some weight, and worst of all you don't even believe that your services are worthy of closing the sale.<h1>

<h2>Now maybe, all or, some of those ideas represent your current state of mind. However, I'm here to tell you that there is no perfect time to build your internet business. There is no perfect time to crank up that camera and shoot your very first video so that you can "give people what they want, and sell them what they need." You have what it takes, just like the people you admire so much.<h2>

Think about it. . .How many videos have you watched where the person, in the video, was imperfect in every way? Yet, you watched the video; you visited their webpage, and you probably made a purchase too.

Recall the last person you spent an hour listening too on YouTube; were they perfect? Well, I can tell you that the last person I listened to, for over an hour, was wearing some flip flops, a wife beater; and had hair like a caveman. However, he was freaking brilliant! I spent a lot of money on his products, and they were worth every penny. 

So here's the thing, you are brilliant, and you don't have to be perfect to take massive action towards your business goals, but there is something you've got to do if you want to be imperfectly effective. You've got to have good information that can help the people within your niche experience transformation. Your audience should have a few "ahha" moments, and learn things that they can apply to their life right away. . .

You Should: 
  • Provide the kind of value that solves specific problems
  • Turn your solutions into simple steps or methods that people can easily follow & apply
  • Call your audience to action; ensure that your methods lead to an email address, a sale, or something

Don't Know How To Do That? No Problem! I Can Show You How HERE.

Because I want results, I aim for the value that leads to my desired response. That's why I use a very specific method to solve problems, create value, and call my audience to action.

It's called The D.E.T.R.  Method. 
  • D:iscover-something new
  • E:xcute-new ideas into your business
  • T:rain-others on your new knowledge
  • R:peat-the process over & over
I consistently use that method to help my audience create results over and over again. Yet, because I was aiding them in their business building process, it never mattered to them if I looked perfect or not. Some days my look was popping, while others, well not so much. Perfect was not required to provide my target market with loads of value.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and take action towards your online business building goals. Don't sit around and wait for that perfect moment to get started. Start today. Get used to seeing yourself on camera, hearing your voice on an audio, and creating your own blog post that people all over the world will access. You can't get paid to change lives if you continue to walk in fear. . .

<h3>Take Massive Action: go create a video that teaches your audience how to do 1-3 things; be sure it provides a solution and calls them to action. Once you've created the video, upload it to YouTube. If you do not have an account, then create one. Be sure to save this link to your favorites, or copy post it to your documents. Come back here, and post the phrase: "here's my imperfect video," and add a link to your video. I can't wait to read all of your posts! Don't forget to CLICK HERE and grab your Free Coaching. Take advantage of the opportunity to collapse major time frames and be personally coached by me. Click Here Now, and I'll see you on the inside.<h3>

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About The Author,  I'm just a single mom who got tired of choosing between work and family. I became an online entrepreneur to earn money from home and to have the freedom to spend the majority of my time doing what matters to me most. Grab Your FREE Planner so you can start your journey too.

To Your Success. . .
~TDC~ Best Blogger Tips


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