How To Get Rich Blogging Step Twelve

Hello, and welcome back to the series on How To Get Rich Blogging. We've covered a lot of material over the last few weeks. You actually have access to an amazing 12 step process for getting blog riches. If you've missed any of the steps, you'll find them at the end of this post.

Today we're going to focus on Revamping your blog based on analytics. In the previous step, I discussed the importance of tracking your blog traffic and your offer link. When you track your blog traffic and offer links, you'll have a better depiction of how your blog is actually doing. 

In the event, you're not seeing an increase in traffic, leads, and conversions, you'll need to revamp somethings. Sometimes lack of blog profits is due to traffic sources. You can try solo, social media, or google ads, to see if you just need more exposure to your blog. Yet, try to remember to start small and scale up based on ad response. 

However, if ads do not help increase blog responsiveness then …

How To Get Rich Blogging Step Eleven

Hello, and welcome back to the series on How To Get Rich Blogging. At this point, you should have a completed blog strategy and a tangible blog. We've covered a lot of bases over the last few days. Yet, today, we're going to focus on tracking your blog progress.

<h1>If you want to get rich blogging, you've got to know what's working and what is not. Realistically, if you have a blog profit goal in mind for the month, you'll need to break that goal down into daily and weekly results in order to reach your monthly goal.<h1>

A great way to discover if you're on track to reaching those goals is to know your offer conversion score and to track your blog analytics. Let's say you're converting 1 out of 10 people who are seeing your offer; how much traffic do you need to drive to your blog, in order to convert enough sales, to reach your goal?

If your blog's conversion score is 1 out 10 and you need 10 sales each day to stay on track for your in…

How To Get Rich Blogging Step Ten

Hello, and welcome back to the series on How To Get Rich Blogging! In the last post, we built your blog and wasn't that so exciting? Hopefully, you considered all of the strategies that we talked about during our time together. Today, we're going to focus on developing your action strategy. When you have a (step-by-step) daily operating system, it makes progress so much easier.

<h1>It's kind of crazy to think that so much energy and effort goes into planning a profitable blog. Nothing really just happens, but it's all strategic and intentional. Progress is no different. Therefore, I must forewarn you on how easy it is to build your blog then forget all about it.<h1>

This happens anytime you attempt to make a major change in your life. The reality is your mind may be stuck in the "9-5 work for the man" mentality which can make you question if working for yourself is worth it. I want to encourage you to work for your self even if you have to do it o…

How To Get Rich Blogging Step Nine

Hello, and welcome back to the series on How To Get Rich Blogging. We've covered a whole lot over the last few posts. If you're just tuning in, feel free to get caught up HERE.

<h1>Today is an exciting day because we are going to build your blog! Oh, Yes. Now things should be so much clearer as to how to map out your blog strategy.<h1>

Having a strategy makes things so much clearer, and it makes you have a real tangible plan for your blog. You've programmed your blog profits GPS for a specific destination, and we can head in that direction.

If you want to get rich blogging, I highly recommend a Managed WordPress website for your blog profits home base. 

Yes, I have other blogs all over the web that bring a lot of traffic to my home base, but that's a strategy for another day. However, when you're launching a WordPress blog, you're going to need a few key things such as a domain name, hosting, and a theme.

I've written about all of that HERE. You …

How To Get Rich Blogging Step Eight

Hello, and welcome back to the series on How To Get Rich Blogging. We've covered a lot of ground in the previous post. If you haven't read them, then CLICK HERE and get caught up. Because it's all about helping you build a profitable blog. Today, we're going to cover the importance of stabilizing your brand.

<h1>Many people start blogs without strategizing and thinking the whole process all the way through. Yet, there are many elements to truly maximizing your profitable blog. One of those elements happens to be branding.<h1> 

Branding isn't some deep intellectual component often related to big corporations, but it's pretty simple when considering it for blogging.

When thinking about your blog brand, I want you to get very specific in terms of logo,  theme colors, and blog style. What do you want your blog to look like?  What do you want people to think about when they encounter your blog? What are a few things you don't want people to experienc…

How To Get Rich Blogging Step Seven

Hello, and welcome back to the series on How To Get Rich Blogging. We are slowly but surely covering all the bases to you having a profitable blog. We've discussed, clarity, target marketing, profits planning, email marketing, core products, and money multipliers. Now we're going to talk about a traffic strategy.


Have Clarity On What You WantHave Clarity On Your Who Your Audience Is And What They WantDevelop A Blog Profits PlanBuild An Email ListHave A Core ProductCreate A Money Multiplier
<h1>As we dive into traffic strategies, remember, that we haven't even built the blog yet. These are all the components that go into developing your blog strategy before you actually create it. If you already have an existing blog,  you may have to strip it down to the bare bones and rebuild it for a profitable exchange.<h1>

All of the steps we've discussed this far should be outlined in your profits planner. If you do not have a profits pl…

How To Get Rich Blogging Step Six

Hi, and welcome back to the series on How To Get Rich Blogging. You must agree that this has been a phenomenal series! We've discussed clarity, target marketing,  creating a profits plan, building an email list, and the importance of core products. Now we're going to discuss money multipliers and the importance it has on stabilizing your blog profits income.

<h1>If you want to get rich blogging, you're not going to want to start each day with 0 sales. You're also, not going to want to spend all your time doing hard sales. You'd want to have repeat customers who have leveraged your lead magnet, brought your core products, and now want to maintain their results. <h1>

Not only does a money multiplier help your customers maintain their results, but it also helps you extend your customer lifetime value. Your CLV is what stabilizes your income because these customers have become raving fans.  These are not sales you have to pursue on a daily basis, but they a…