Blog Expectations Verses Reality

Well… I just gotta say it. Blogging isn’t that hard but blogging for profits is no easy task. There are so many things you have to consider when trying to make your blog your primary income.  Post quality, target market, sales funnels, and traffic. And a host of other things that you’ve got to consider for long time blog income. But for some reason, thousands of people spend money on empty promises. Like, they don’t want to know the actual work required to build a successful blog. They want hype lol not reality!!!!
Many of them end up looking back and wondering why they still aren’t making money from blogging. And, what’s more, frustrating is after all their investments, they still don’t understand simple things like, how to use social media, how to build an audience, how to collect leads, how to do upsells, and literally how to turn a blog into an ATM.
The expectation is to learn how to leverage the internet for profits.  Usually, the reality is a little motivation and maybe a strategy o…

How Do I Make Money Blogging

Want To Earn a Minimum of $100 per Day Blogging? Listen Up!
I Remember The Feeling – of frustration from researching, writing, and editing post that didn't earn me a dime. “I use to work more hours than my 9-5 job and for what? Absolutely no pay.” I found that getting people to sign up for a FREE COURSE was harder than getting them to waste $10.00 a day on gourmet coffee. … Because people only pay attention to what matters to them. If you write about things that they don't care about they won't engage even if it's absolutely free.  So, what do people care about these days? Well, politics, "oh God" have you seen the crazy political post in social media … … Money, "there is never enough of it; right?  Companies are going virtual or overseas and the jobs that are available don't pay enough to cover the average monthly expenses. So people care about earning more money, not necessarily blogging. I mean, who wants to blog just for the sake of blogging? … M…

How Pinterest Works For Dummies Part Four

<h1>Hello, welcome to my series on Pinterest Marketing for dummies. If you've been wondering how do I use Pinterest, I'm about to show you how. Today, we're going to focus on creating your pins!<h1>
Creating pins can be so exciting! However, they can get out of control if you don't have a handle on the kinds of pins you want to create. 
There are several types of Pinterest accounts that you can focus on. I currently have two accounts. One of my accounts focuses on African American hairstyles.
The African American hairstyles account is pretty easy to maintain. All I have to do is find high-quality images of African American hairstyles and pin them to my boards.  
You can have a look below.

<h2>Each image is a pin. Every pin leads somewhere. Sometimes I share the pins of others but other times I upload my own images and link them back to my African American Hair blog.<h2>
Although I'm not creating the images for my African American hair account, I s…

How Pinterest Works For Dummies Part Three

<h1>Hello, welcome to my series on Pinterest Marketing for dummies. If you've been wondering how do I use Pinterest, I'm about to show you how. Today, we're going to focus on creating your first Pinterest board.<h1>
Don't worry, if you already have a Pinterest account, and you're just looking for tips to create highly converting Pinterest boards, you can follow along too.
<h2>Think of creating a Pinterest board like a branch on a tree. You want to ensure that your board is a branch of your overall Pinterest subject.<h2>
I explain it all HERE.
However, your Pinterest boards are used to keep all of your various pins about a specific subtopic organized.
<h3>For example, I have a Pinterest account related to African American Hairstyles. Under the main topic African American Hairstyles,  I have boards that represent subtopics such as braids, wigs, and naturally curly hairstyles.<h3>

Each subtopic represents a board that I'll pin relate…