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3 Major Causes Of Failure In Blog Profits

Blogging has become a major trend on the internet today. It's a pretty exciting way to share your ideas and interest with the world. Although blogging can be a lot of fun and an exciting adventure, it can also be time-consuming and overwhelming especially if you aren't making any money from it.

I first learned about blogging through a network marketing opportunity. The total focus of the company was to teach people to start a blog and promote the opportunity on it. I learned all sorts of things like search engine optimization, traffic strategies, and the importance of blogging daily.

However, what I wished I had known from the very beginning was how to have a blog strategy. I had no idea how to develop my blog for profits. I honestly thought that I could write a few words, throw in some affiliate links, and make money online.

I didn't understand the importance of branding, capture mastery, or monetization strategies.  I just wrote whatever I felt like writing as long as i…

How To Become A Successful Digital Publisher

Long gone are the days where you have to wait for a publishing company to decide if they want your content or not. You can publish content on the web within seconds of creating it. This is GREAT NEWS because you can become a successful digital publisher in no time. 
See How You Can Turn Simple Notes Into Lucrative Published Content
Contrary to popular belief, passion isn't enough rake in the profits from digital publishing. You'll need a profitable topic. Once you have a profitable topic, there are a few steps that you can take to put that topic to work for you.

Step #1 Build An Email List: in this stage, you're just seeing who is interested. All you're doing is collecting leads. In order to collect leads, you'll need a lead magnet. This can be a free course, webinar, eBook, or mindmap about the topic at hand. You can create your own lead magnet or buy private label rights content to create it. 

Step #2 (A)  Build A Facebook Group: plug your new leads into a communit…

How To Earn Money Online Being The Middle Man

Are you tired of fiddling around online, and want to earn money at a faster pace? If so, you may want to consider being the middleman. I know you're probably thinking, I've already heard about affiliate marketing. You may be familiar with  Amazon associates, Click Bank, and other sites like those.

It's true, you can earn commissions leveraging those platforms, but your earnings will, most likely, be inconsistent and unsustainable. They are worth promoting for extra cash, but if you want to stabilize your affiliate income, you need to become the middleman for high quality and high paying affiliate services that you can build a list around.

There are sites like Relode in the health and wellness niche that offer commissions as high as $4,000 dollars for one successful employment connection. If you're interested in setting up a little employment site to capture leads, you could build a list of people who are searching for jobs in the healthcare field.

Just helping one hea…

3 Steps To Generating Information Profits

Google has paved the way for one of the biggest revenue streams that exist today. They generate billions of dollars each year by doing the one thing that you're probably not paying attention to. 
You are searching for gold on the internet but walking right past the mine every single day.
I was doing the same thing until I discovered that what I was looking for was right in my face the whole time.
INFORMATION! Yes, we've transitioned from the industrial age to the technological age and into the information age. Today's consumers are technical people who are information driven.
Consider the reasons that you use the internet. For the most part, you're looking for information. 95% of your internet time is spent learning something new, trying to find the answer to a question, or looking for a solution to a problem.

The mere idea that there are billions of people online each day looking for news, education,  answers, and solutions leaves the door open for huge profits! 

How To Identify Where You Are In Your Online Business

Download Your Blog Biz Profits Planner
Sometimes it's difficult to identify where you are in your online business and be okay with it. You're probably seeing everyone around you succeed and you're wondering what's wrong with you. The truth is every entrepreneur has a journey. 

Each person's journey becomes a part of an amazing story that they get to tell along the way. 

It's your actual personal story that sets you apart from everyone else and establishes your brand. The one thing that truly connects you with people and gets them interested in you is a good story. 

Michael Clouse said, "people don't buy your products, they buy your music." In essence, people buy into the feeling or emotion of how you make them feel. 

That's why a person in your exact same niche, who offers half the value that you do, can end up making more money than you. If they can tell a good story, connect with people, and make them feel good about themselves, they can make mor…

How To Earn Money Online Daily With Your Travel Blog

<h1>Is your blog all about travel? If so, why not earn money online daily through affiliate programs for travelers? These affiliate programs would go hand and hand with the topics you already discuss on your blog and can help monetize your site for more cash flow.<h1>
There are tons of things you can promote that is related to travel. When people travel, they need to book hotels, transportation, entertainment, and dining. 
Not to mention that people who travel usually do some extra shopping. They may be looking for extra luggage, new clothing, comfortable shoes for the airport and more. 
Travel is a very lucrative niche because it attracts a broad audience. People from all cultural backgrounds, nationalities, and religions travel for various reasons. 
They travel for vacation, special occasions, holidays, events, business, and educational purposes. Don't rule out travel for missions trips too.  The sky is the limit for this wonderful niche. 
Regardless of why people travel,…

How Do I Start A Blog Step 4

<h1>Well, it's been quite a journey from the very first step of starting your blog strategy to the final step of promoting your blog. It's easy to put a lot of focus on setting up and designing your blog while forgetting the importance of promoting it.<h1>

After you've developed a blog strategy, picked a domain name, selected a hosting provider, and set your blog up, you've got to get traffic to your blog. In reality, 0 traffic=0 leads=0 sales. Traffic is the bloodline of your new blog business.

In the Blog Biz Profits Planner, you'll discover blog biz marketing and sales strategies. Those strategies will help you bring new visitors to your blog.

There a 3 major parts to successful blog promotion. They are traffic, leads, and conversions.

<h2>Traffic is the process of driving new visitors to your blog. There are 2 types of traffic: random traffic and targeted traffic. You want to aim for targeted traffic. This can be hard to do sometimes because it&…

How Do I Start A Blog Step 3

<h1>Hello, I'm so excited that you've chosen to start a blog. In the beginning, you were probably wondering, how do I start a blog. In step one we talked aboutdeveloping your blog strategyand you downloaded the planner to help you out. In step two we talked about creating your domain name and getting hosting.<h1>
I truly hope that the Blog Biz Profits Planner has helped you to map out your blog strategy and that you've picked a domain name that works for you. 
<h2>Now we're moving on to the final factors of starting your blog which is blog setup and promotion. In this post, I'll show you (step-by-step) how to set up your blog with Wordpress. In a later post, I'll show you how to promote your blog too.<h2>  
How To Setup Your Wordpress Blog
After you've picked your domain name and hosting, you'll need to install Wordpress, pick a design theme, and install a few plugins. 
Trust me, installing your theme is easier than you think. Your ho…

How Do I Overcome Bloggers Depression And Discouragement

So lately, we've been off the old beaten path of online business strategies and focused on the emotional and psychological state of your well being as an entrepreneur.  So, I'll ask, how are you doing? How are things coming along for you? Hopefully, the Blog Biz Profits Planner is helping you out a lot.
You know it's sickening that everywhere you turn someone is trying to sell you something.  We don't even have conversations anymore, we just post one agenda after the other in hopes of landing the sale. 
It's true that without sales there will be no business, but isn't there more to the process? What about relationships? What about the well-being of another person. 
As an online entrepreneur, I know all too well what it's like to feel alone. I know what it's like to sit up late at night searching the web for a real conversation with a person who has an authentic motivation. Because when you've walked away from the normal 9-5 lifestyle, but you haven…

7 Reasons Entrepreneurship Is Kicking Your Ass

This some kind of journey. Entrepreneurship has got you locked up in a corner crying for your mama. It's no different than an abusive relationship. It offers you the world, then it kicks your butt to obtain its benefits. Does this sound familiar to you?
However, nobody is talking about it. Nobody wants to admit that they have taken a beating in their commute to entrepreneurial success. Yet, in order to tap into the minds of over 90% of those who are failing at their pursuits, we must dig into the truth of the entire issue. 
Here Are 7 Reason Entrepreneurship Is Kicking Your Ass
You didn't count up the cost. "For what man builds a house without first counting up the cost." Many online entrepreneurs jump into the business building process without understanding what the process is going to cost them. You probably did not consider the financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical commitment that you were making when you decided to build a business. Contrary to popular bel…